Nature always wins
Fruity rice paper rolls for lunch 😋
Green Goddess salad 🌿
In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.
Rock pool soakin’
'Blue Lagoon' high in the mountains. Hiked 9 miles yesterday and the reward at the end made it all worth it! ✨
Magic places in the mountains…

Anonymous asked: i'm kind of freaking out because i definitely had more than 10% of fat today, i hate almond butter and cacao and i feel SOO guilty plus ive been running hard all week and i think my stress fracture is back in my shin, so next week i have to take it light on exercise, im so upset i feel like i failed

in no way have you failed at anything! please don’t beat yourself up or be so hard on yourself. It’s totally ok to have more fat from time to time. It’s more about what you do consistently then just a given day and maybe your body needed that extra. If you have been restricting your fat intake too much you can set your body up for craving it and no harm is done by having a treat from healthy fats like that. Just find a balance that works well for YOU.

Sounds like your body could do with a bit of a break to rest and repair which will be so much better for you in the long run. Take a break from running and let your shin heal. If you feel up to a little exercise just go for low to no impact exercise. Walking, swimming, stretching/yoga are some good alternatives. Its good to mix up your routine anyway :) Take this time to feed your soul! Hang out with friends, read that book you’ve been wanting to read for ages, go on some nature walks! Take it easy and don’t stress. Hope this helps, take care! xx

Anonymous asked: Hey Fiona! Where'd you get your breakfast lunch dinner supper plate from?

Hey there! I got them from my nan. They’re vintage, I believe, made in England. The name on the back is John Tams


blogdiunaragazzachesogna asked: Follow me?

I’ll for sure check out your page babe! xx

Anonymous asked: do i have to have 2500 calories on 801010 or can i just listen to my body? like i neveer usually have 10 bananas or something my smoothies usually have like 3

you don’t have to do anything and yes I think you absolutely should listen to your body. The reason so many calories are recommended is because while most fruits and veg are high in nutrients they are not high in calories so you need to eat in abundance to make sure you are meeting your caloric needs, but no need to over stuff yourself to the point you feel sick or anything like that. just eat until you feel full and satisfied! :)  Another thing to keep in mind especially if you’re new to this lifestyle is that this is a new way of eating that your body probably isn’t use to yet - not use to all the fiber and large portions. Overtime you will be able to eat more in a sitting. Until you reach that point there is no problem with having smaller meals broken up throughout the day if you feel that works better for you. Just be sure to eat when you’re hungry and don’t purposefully deny your body the nurtients it needs to thrive! :) Hope this helps xx


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